From the 18th to 19th of March 2019 members of BEHnet attended the 11th annual meeting of the German Society for Health Economics (DGGOE) in Augsburg and presented their work in two sessions.

In the BEHnet organised session, chaired by Daniel Wiesen, two Members presented their work:

Anne Sophie Oxholm from the University of Southern Denmark presented an experiment investigating if fee-for-service payments lead to over-provision in health care. The paper was meanwhile published in Health Economics.

Christian Waibel from ETH Zürich presented an experiment on the effect of the impact of different ranking schemes on physicians’ quality effort decisions.

In the second session, chaired by Jeannette Brosig-Koch, three members presented their work:

Silvia Angerer from UMIT in Tirol introduced an experiment that investigated whether monitoring of physicians can help reduce mistreatment in health care.

Daniel Wiesen from the University of Cologne presented the first results from an experimental panel study that measures altruistic preferences in medical students over the course of their medical education.

Sebastian Neumann-Böhme from the Erasmus University Rotterdam presented an experiment on the effect of specialist training on the degree of preference reversals in a decision making for others setting.  

All mentioned abstracts are available in English and can be found in the conference program (p.120-121 & p.151-152).


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