BEHnet Summer School 2019

Hosted by Erasmus University Rotterdam

BEHnet Summer School 2019 in Rotterdam

BEHnet hosted its annual Summer School at the Erasmus University Rotterdam from 1-3 July 2019.

The BEHnet Summer School aims to cover the state-of-the-art applications of behavioral and experimental economics to health. PhD students will learn how to apply methods such as field, lab, and online experiments to health econmic issues to discover how individuals actually behave, and how to use economics and behavioral economics insights in order to rigorously test and evaluate how to change health-related behaviors. Topics comprise, for example, incentives in health care markets and in health behaviors, and risk, time, and social preferences in health.


The course is relevant for PhD candidates and advanced Master students who draw on experimental methods, theoretical modeling, and quantitative methods in their research. First, students will familiarize with the state-of-the-art applications of behavioral and experimental economics methods and insights to health. Second, based on the lectures and the papers from the reading list, students in groups will formulate their own research ideas, develop experimental designs, and give presentations on their research designs.

Keynote Lecture

Prof. Dr. Han Bleichrodt (Erasmus School of Economics)


Prof. Dr. Daniel Wiesen (University of Cologne)

Dr. Arthur Attema (Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management)


The course is for PhD students. However, a limited number of spaces are available to Master students in transition to a PhD. Some background in game theory, experimental economics, and econometrics will be useful.

Grading (optional)

Students’ performance is assessed based on presentation and participation in class, and a written study design.